Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Penis Enlargement Challenge

The penis enlargement challenge is to assist the patient to avoid acting out the fantasy in criminal or otherwise harmful behaviors. The paraphilic group tended to have a more narcissistic focus and, last, had difficulty in performing consistently and conscientiously in their activities. These latter traits posed distinct penis enlargement challenges that I discuss below.

In contrast to the men with paraphilia, who had a group personality profile with scale scores outside the average range, age-matched men with erectile dysfunction had a group personality profile that was in the average range for each of the five major factors. While certainly many of the individual men had facets and factors that were above or below the average range, for the group no factor was high or low. The pooling of their individual profiles resulted in a regression to the mean.

As a result, one cannot predicate any personality traits that may be held in common by men with sexual dysfunction, as was done for the group of paraphilic men.

Two conclusions were drawn from the finding that the paraphilic group had a distinct personality profile and the men with sexual dysfunction did not: (i) some sexual behaviors (e.g., paraphilia) might be correlated with personality traits; and (ii) when no distinct group profile emerges (all scale scores are within the average range), then clinical attention should be directed to the individual personality profile of the patient to see what traits may be contributing to the response of the sexual disorder or behavior. To this task I now turn.

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